Scéalta (pron. Shkay-el-te in the Irish language) means stories. In the same way that one picture says more than a thousand words, so does one verse of a song catch the mood of one generation, one tune converts to a feeling of adventure. Our instruments portray the stories, the chapters of music are waiting to be told. To the listener who has visited Ireland before, Scéalta’s music may re-awaken images of green hills, stone walls, fuchsia hedgerows, wet brown bogs, steep sea cliffs, noisy sea gulls… To the listener who is not familiar with traditional Irish music, we hope that you will enjoy the stories portrayed in the songs about emigration, homesickness and love of country, and feel the pulse of  the tunes. And to the frequent visitor of Ireland and the homesick expat, we say welcome home! Tá fáilte romhat, a chara!

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